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About Us

Twilight was established in the year 2008 in Magodo, by Mrs Janice Egbudom. It started in a room Boys’ Quarters of her home with 11 summer school students. The huge success of the summer school, which was aimed at preparing the students for secondary school, led to the full establishment of Twilight.

Twilight was set up to complement parents’ effort in training the children and helping the children discover their learning and academic challenges and subsequently assist to address them.

Although, it was conceived to be a tutorial school but it officially included a full-fledged Nursery school in September 2010 after due consideration that was based on the observation that some challenges that the older children face in school could actually be avoided if they had the right/good start; such that they develop and inculcate the spirit of independence and strive for self-Actualization in their early childhood. Also, to possess that ability to focus on their academics effortlessly without having to be compelled to study by their parents or available adults. Hence, the need to provide quality education from the cradle and this informed the establishment of Twilight Babies Academy.

Our Services

  • Preschool/Nursery
  • Afterschool tutorials
  • Entrance examination tutorials
  • Educational Counselling Clinic


The school can boast of the following facilities:

  • A child friendly environment
  • Competent, qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Well ventilated and air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Audio Visuals including Video and T. V sets.
  • Music department equipped with music facilities.
  • Educational Toys and more.

Core Values

Twilight, through its curricular and co-curricular activities aims amongst other things to:

  • Harness the resources available at her disposal to inculcate in a child the all-round development in the cognitive, psychomotor and effective skills as well as discovering their hidden talent.
  • Focus on pupils’ positive morals and behaviours, which are the bedrock on which sound education is laid.
  • Impact a balanced educational curriculum for outstanding and well disciplined character.
  • Foster character building through the activities of clubs, societies and organizations in the school.
  • Maximize human fulfilment by analyzing, relating, ordering and arranging learners’ activities in the right developmental order.