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Twilight Super Pupils / The Common Entrance Preparatory Class

This aspect of our service is specialized in preparing primary school-age children for all Entrance Examinations into both reputable private and good federal/state secondary schools.

We do not give parents false hope/impression about their children because not all children have the mental capacity to pass highly competitive schools.

We do not promise to confer mental ability on any child but can only help you achieve your dream of raising a total and independent child.

We can only assure you of our dedication and commitment as to what we do. We challenge each child to develop his/her sense of reasoning and independence by encouraging the child to adopt the right attitude to academic work and improve the study skills necessary to prepare him/her for external examinations, as well as, coping in the Secondary School, especially those that will board.

We pay adequate attention to individuals pupil’s challenges or inadequacies and help to improve the situation.

We recommend schools according to the gender, personality and capabilities of the individual child and financial disposition of the parents.



To adequately prepare candidates, psychologically, emotionally and most importantly, academically for the task ahead.

To furnish them with coping skills that will enable them adapt to a higher level of schooling into which they are going.

To iculcate in them the ability and capacity to make adequate use of their time productively without parental guidance, so as to be able to face higher academic challenges independently, especially in boarding houses.

To equip them with the ability for continuity of academic excellence in their various secondary schools into which they will be admitted.


Our Schedule

Full Time: Mondays through Fridays (9:00 am to 2:00 pm)

Part Time: Saturdays (7:00 am to 1:00 pm)